New permitted development rules are good for planning

PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT RULES FOR A loft conversion or roof extension. A loft conversion for your house is considered to be a Permitted Development, not requiring an application for planning permission, provided certain limits and conditions are met. loft conversions are NOT a Permitted Development for houses on designated land*

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Planning Permission. This guidance reflects temporary increases to the size limits for single-storey rear extensions that must be completed by 30 May 2019, and the associated neighbour consultation scheme. An extension or addition to your house is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission,

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The planning use class system and permitted development rights allow the change of use of buildings without the need for planning permission in a number of circumstances. The former coalition government introduced a range of new change of use permitted development rights at the end of the last

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Under new permitted development rules, homeowners in terraced and semi-detached homes will be able to put single story extensions of up to 6 metres at the rear of their properties without needing to obtain planning permission. Those in detached homes will be able to extend by up to 8 metres.

Did you know permitted development rules relating to extensions have been relaxed for a three-year period? The rule relaxation started on 30 May 2013 and ends on 30 May 2016. The change means you can carry out certain building works without having to make a planning application. The permitted development rights allowing development to be retained permanently, as long as that change is.

Your loft conversion is considered a Permitted Development and does not require planning permission, as long as a few rules are observed. 1. On designated land, loft conversions will not be a Permitted Development; 2. To be a Permitted Development any additional roof space created must not exceed these volume allowances:

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Permitted Development Rules for Outbuildings. Outbuildings are considered permitted development. This means that planning permission is not required, as long as the conditions are met. Are there permitted development rules for outbuildings? Permitted development rights allow a homeowner to make minor changes to the property without planning.

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