What the federal election result means for the property market

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What the federal election result means for the property market 9News.com.au. UP NEXT. Outrage as farmers under investigation could be let off ABC News; queensland breast screen scandal

Mid-term election results: What it all means for Trump.. Media caption The story of election night in two minutes.. The Republican Party’s conservative pipeline to the federal judiciary.

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What the federal election result means for the property market 9News.com.au. UP NEXT. Bali drug arrests 9News.com.au; Adelaide teen shooting charges 9News.com.au; Highway murder manhunt

so much so that after an election to a political office there could be four or more petitions. I believe that purposeful efforts should be directed to discouraging such mindsets and means devised to.

A shorter, shallower property price downturn could be on the cards on the back of the Coalition’s victory at the polls, experts say. But the long-term prospects for first-home buyers are less.

However, just two years on, and the strong likelihood of a Tory win in the snap election is good news for the property sector. Continuity is always good for the property market, because it means there’s no great shake up expected.

Donald Trump’s war on the Federal Reserve. [the election result] means," said Mr Moore.. Property . Housing market experts said they anticipated the recent low level of transactions to.

What election results really mean for property market For months, the property market was paralysed by the uncertainty of an upcoming federal election. Now two key things are likely to happen.

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 · But there are always elections every two years this puts everyone in election mode. It makes it harder to put serious policy down in the lead up to an election because there is a risk of scaring the voters. It also means people only think of the next election rather than the longer term consequences. Appointments is another issue.

No matter who wins the election tomorrow, it seems the government is going to become guarantor to a new bunch of soon to be debt-laden first home buyers. The bank of Mum and Dad is to be replaced by the Bank of Scott or Bill. The new scheme, announced by prime minister morrison earlier this.