CITY OF LASALLE: Commercial & Residential Open House Day June 15

Over the next several months, City staff will go before Council with a series of work sessions and study sessions to discuss options available to Council on limiting residential development and how to increase affordable housing. Additionally, City staff will increase community outreach around these established priorities.

New developments, both residential and commercial. than the rest of the city and I can imagine we are going to see that happen again when the (King Road) underpass opens," he said. "We’re trying to.

The City of Jasper held their annual Christmas Open House on Thursday in the historic Beaty-Orton Home on North Main Street, just south of the downtown district. Visitors were served refreshments as they met their representatives on the Jasper City Council, along with department heads from the various branches of the city.

The project is also supported by the City of Buffalo and the UB School of Architecture and Planning. Visit the project website to learn more about the effort and to sign up for future news about.

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COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL OPEN HOUSE D AYe JUNE 15, 2 019 Join u s in L a Sall! EXPLORE LA SALLE’S AVAILABLE PROPERTIES MAPS CAN BE PICKED UP AT Lock 16 Visitor Center, 745 1st St. La Salle or online

let’s talk about the house itself a little bit. we have 2,300 square feet. there’s the original part of the house and then.

OPEN HOUSE: August 25, 2018 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. This move in ready home sits on an acre of land in desirable Dalton. 4 large bedrooms. 2 full bathrooms – great kitchen and decks. Lower media room leads to beautiful side patio!

Each day of the week studen. ts will be exploring a different component of the STEAM curriculum through hands-on age-appropriate labs. Open to youth aged 8-12. Open to youth aged 8-12. Cost: $35/day -or- 0 full week.

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(a) "Residential Area" means those areas of the Municipality designated as residential in By-law Number 8600 and designated as residential and planned development in By-law Number 3072 of the Corporation as may be amended from time to time. (B/L 8952, eff. aug. 24/87) (b) "Commercial Area" means those areas of the municipality