Recent claim of declining climate resilience in European wheat is not supported by the statistics used

Agence France-Presse: “[E]stablishing a link between climate change and extreme weather is a controversial matter.. [S]cientists caution there is not enough evidence to blame global warming for recent extreme weather, and there are those who say there is no proof that extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.”

And yes, climate does change naturally, but if the claims of the climate scientists are to be believed, it will continue to change much faster than it has historically over the next 100 years. And of course natural climate change has also been disastrous in the past.

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Study finds climate change may dramatically reduce wheat production Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 MANHATTAN – A recent study involving Kansas state university researchers finds that in the coming decades at least one-quarter of the world’s wheat traded will be lost to extreme weather from climate change if no adaptive measures are taken.

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The Climate Resilient Wheat project focuses on promoting farmer initiatives in four areas: Experimental planting of drought resilient crops. Alternative crop rotations and shifting from monoculture to diversified planting. Low-till and no-till farming methods, and. Access to information from new forecasting technology.

Of this, 50% is applied to three major cereals (maize, 16%; rice, 16%; and wheat. climate forcing, and loss of biodiversity 7,8,9,10,11,12. Although large uncertainties are associated with it, it.

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HULLESS OATS – Avena sativa. Oats as well-suited to the maritime Northwest climate, planted in early spring, requiring little to no irrigation, and harvested during the drought season. Oats are a good substitute for brown rice as a whole grain, can be ground into flour, pressed into rolled oats using an oat roller, or used as livestock feed.

Automated combine harvesters have been used in large-scale wheat farms. Sensors supported by dedicated image-processing software map the trees and use an algorithm to identify the location, size.

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