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New rules on reverse mortgage designed to make loans safer for elderly Reverse mortgages become due when the last borrower moves from the home or passes away. Renting or selling the home may be a better option. However, if the proceeds from a reverse mortgage can be used to pay for in-home care that enables the seniors to continue living comfortably at home, then a reverse mortgage is still an option.

Translation: the newer the mortgage, the stronger the argument that you should consider refinancing. But refinancing turns the amortization clock back to square one, and also gobbles a few thousand in closing costs, so a small difference between your old and new interest rates-say, 0.25 percent-might not be justified.

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"If you can shave one-half to three-quarters of a percentage point off your mortgage loan by refinancing, you should look into it," says Greg McBride, CFA, chief financial analyst for Bankrate.

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To start, it’s important to know how much you can afford. For one, you’ll need money. % on your "wants" and 20% on your savings. Of course, it could vary depending on where you live. When it comes.

When interest rates go down, refinancing can mean essentially trading your higher-interest mortgage for a less expensive one. If you get a huge raise at work, refinancing can allow you to pay your mortgage off in 15 years instead of 30. Sounds great, right? It is, sometimes. But, in certain situations, you may not save money by refinancing.

Your credit score plays a role in whether you should refinance to pay off debts. There is more to it than whether or not it allows you to obtain approval for your loan. If you refinance your debts into your mortgage, paying the credit card debts off completely, your credit score could increase. This could help you in the long run.

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If you refinance and obtain the money after you file a Chapter 7, the proceeds are yours as long as the property was fully exempt or the trustee has abandoned it. If you obtain the money after you file a Chapter 13, the proceeds should be yours, because your condition has not improved financially — you received money, but you also received a loan.

Joney Talks! helps people achieve their financial goals. We want you to manage your personal finances like a boss!. More Should you refinance your mortgage?. so money is absolutely important in my eyes: You need money for housing, basic necessities (clothing, food,), having 3-6 months.

Looking at it from that perspective, you must ask yourself if you’re really saving money. in your budget. The caveat: you will still have debt. Borrowers who use these products should have a plan.

Try’s refinance calculator to find out if you should refinance your home. See how refinancing with a lower mortgage rate could save you money.