Strong slowdown in real estate prices in Lisbon : is it time to sell?

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Although a slowdown in price growth is beneficial to the affordability and viability of the long-term real estate market, residents leaving or avoiding the region is not ideal for the overall local economy. Many are asking if this is a new housing bubble forming that will lead to prices crashing as they did one decade ago.

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The opportunities for real estate investment in central Lisbon right now are many, varied, and compelling. This is a big area made up of many distinct neighborhoods, each with its own look, feel, and character, but all interesting as locations for a short-term tourist rental or a long-term rental for the local market.

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With prices stable, economy strong, and demand persistent, why would so many feel the market could crash? Is buyer and seller pessimism enough to launch a sudden collapse? Have a good look at the current housing market along with the residential markets in cities such as Boston , Houston , Seattle , Sacramento , Chicago , and Los Angeles .

A strong local economy can be a positive factor for a strong local housing market with healthy demand and rising prices. On the other hand, "when the economy is sluggish, so is real estate," as Investopia says. Job losses and declining wages tend to depress the demand to buy a home.

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NO: The slowdown is real as each sector of real estate goes through cycles and we are getting toward the end of a long, prosperous cycle. Growth rates will continue to slow but can be stimulated.

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Strong slowdown in real estate prices in Lisbon : is it time to sell? After the euphoria of recent years, the rise in property prices in Portugal is declining and stabilizing. Investment in the residential market is starting to "lose momentum" at a time when demand is weakening and showing signs of slowing down.