Why buy used when you can move into a brand new home now!

When you're buying new construction, you need to be deliberate about asking the right questions. Pro: Brand new home versus “used” home.

Make arrangements to have new flooring installed a day or two before you move in. Cover the new flooring with mats, tarps, or area rugs so the movers don’t track in dirt or scratch the wood. Then, when they set your sofa and coffee table in place — you’ll be home.

Congrats on the new home! Now, do these things before you get settled.. Home buying guide ;. Change the locks and 4 other things to do when you move into a new home. dana dratch. August 7,

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Here’s a quick list of the top 10 reasons why so many homebuyers prefer new. Your new home – and the products that comprise it – are brand-new and under warranty.. Don’t believe Mick Jagger – if you’re embarking on a journey to buy and build a new home, you can get what you want in.

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That ensures you’re the only person who has access. Install new deadbolts yourself for as little as $10 per lock, or call a locksmith – if you supply the new locks, they typically charge about $20 to $30 per lock for labor. Complete this must-do safety task after moving into your new home. More like this.

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Reviewing a checklist of things to do when moving into our new home will make the. Now, before moving, you've undoubtedly reviewed the home inspection.

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Before you get settled into a new house, there are 5 things you should. Who knows how many people have keys to what's now your home?. Change them all when you move in.. for a list of contacts and service people they've used,” Phipps says.. Before you list your house for sale, do these 6 things.